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Instructions: Direct the movement of the dragon using the mouse only.

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Drakes.io is a fighting 2D Shooter game opening up a merciless battle between dragons directed by real human players from around the world. The game is packed with actions, and it will keep you fascinated for hours. Like other IO games, you will also start as a small character in this title. To increase your size, you must make your way through the arena burning down as many objects as possible. Rather than eating objects, now you must destroy them to get bigger. At the same time, be sure to elude the fire from other enemy dragons as they will never be hesitant to burn you down. In case you let them, you will be eliminated out of the arena, meaning you have to restart the battle from scratch. Keep in mind that your dragon must be well protected all the time and you will have a chance to become the best player in the arena. Drakes.io doesn’t only feature awesome gameplay, but it also has many wonderful dragon skins. Let’s join it now!

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