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Instructions: Control your ship or climb a ladder using WASD. Press the spacebar for jumping or exiting a ladder. Interact with objects using the left mouse, use an item using the right mouse, drop an item using key Q, use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom, use key C to fast zoom, key Enter to chat, and key Tab to bring up the scoreboard.

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In Drednot.io game, you have to upgrade your dreadnought ship the partake in a sea battle against numerous opponents who come from many other countries. You will be pitted against each other or decide to join forces with each other if you want for making a strong and brave vessel. You need to arm your ship with a variety of guns and armor. The more things you add to it, the stronger it is, giving you a better chance to vanquish all the foes easily when you engage in a fight. Aside from loading guns to your giant warship, you can craft several new materials or even stronger weapons and make sure you pay attention to your ammunition during the course of the battle. The battle can get crazier as you make progress, this means you must develop your tactics gradually if you want to outplay the enemies. The goal in Drednot.io is to establish your supremacy in the oceanic arena!

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