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Instructions: Use the mouse to direct your character. Click the left mouse to fire fireballs at the rivals.

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In FireHungry.online, you have to compete against many opponents and try to finish them off. You take on the role of a cunning and dangerous star who likes to fire flames as well as hunt down the rivals in a huge area. Whenever they get in your way, quickly shoot them down before they escape. For a lot of kills you have gained, a lot of points will be given to you, and accumulating points is also a great thing you must do if you aim at the victory. Aside from gaining points from the kills, you can also collect many colored dots dispersed around the map, which is not easy at all since the map is filled with aggressive players. You should use your strategies to outsmart all of them and of course, be sure to defend yourself from the enemy attacks. Keep yourself alive for as long as possible until you climb the top of the leaderboard!

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