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Black Hole.io

Instructions: Use the left mouse to control your black hole around the map.

Black Hole.io about:

Black Hole.io

Get ready to face off against numerous enemies in Black Hole.io – an epic Strategy game like Hole.io and Crowd City. You will also step into a big arena where you control a black hole that likes to absorb almost everything in its pathway. There are many edible objects you can absorb, so try your hardest to eat them all to increase your size. The more foods you eat, the larger the size you can reach, which will give you more strength. However, you must stay watchful for some enemy holes scattered across the playing area. Some of them are smaller than you, but some are bigger. You can only hunt down the smaller enemies while avoiding the larger ones. In addition, you must keep your hole away from dangerous black holes because they will consume you if you touch them. Your main goal in Black Hole.io is to dominate the city! Good luck to you!

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