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Instructions: Use the mouse to move around the playfield, left click to boost speed

Slompkins.club about:


Slompkins.club is a super fun classic Free For All game alike Agario style. Pick out one of the best skins and take control of a cute monster. After jumping into the new arena, you will have the chance to meet up with tons of enemies throughout the world. The main aim is to become the top player who owns the highest mass. Before you turn into the King and be the biggest creature in Slompkins.club, you should not forget to eat as much as possible. The resource that you are searching for is full of the map. Nevertheless, it is not simple to consume them. Indeed, you are forced to always avoid bumps from opponents. Otherwise, you cannot grow in size or rank up. Actually, you will die immediately if you let any of them crash into you. You’d better run away from aggressive characters and focus on gathering food. Besides, you can boost up your movement speed to escape or chase. Good luck!

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