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Instructions: Move your character with arrow keys or WASD. Use items or interact with objects using the left mouse, collect an item using key E, use the number keys to choose an item.

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Dungeonz.io lets you embark on an awesome adventure where you encounter many rivals from around the world. The game features RPG elements and classic 2D graphics, making it more enjoyable to play. When you enter the map, you have to make your way through the playing area trying to deal damage to your opponents as you gather many resources and finish all the given quests. For the tasks you finish, you will be received different rewards. Also, with a nice glory system, you will get more currency, then you can use your earnings to buy more items in the shop, which helps you survive on this journey. Just be careful with the enemy attacks! Don’t forget to defend yourself as the danger is everywhere. If you take massive damage, it will be a game over for you! Do you think you will conquer the entire dungeon and come out as the ultimate winner in Dungeonz.io? Good luck to you!

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