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Crowd City.io

Instructions: Use the mouse to move around the city

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Crowd City.io

Crowd City.io is a Free For All game where you play solo against multiple foes from around the world. Especially, you will start off with a zombie instead of an ordinary person. Therefore, your mission is also different from previous similar titles. What you are assigned to implement in Crowd City.io is to infect as many people as possible. In order to complete your task, you need to roam around the place and bite the target with teeth or grab with hands. Once they are attacked, they will help you spread dangerous viruses. Furthermore, they will become your followers. These minions will boost up your ranks so you will have the chance to progress and take over the top spot sooner. Aside from available victims, you are allowed to do the same for other groups’ members. You can steal their teammates and even eliminate their name from the list. Good luck!

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