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Monsters VS Humans !

Instructions: Control the movement of your character using WASD. Turn with the mouse, buy weapons with key B, drop your weapons with key G, and key E for pickup items.

Monsters VS Humans ! about:

Monsters VS Humans !

It seems to be an endless battle between Monsters VS Humans! Are you ready for this team-based game with the Zombies theme? You will surely love it a lot as it brings you many challenges to conquer. Monsters and humans never get along with each other. They always want to join battles where they can kill each other. With this Monsters VS Humans game, you will play as either a human or a zombie. If you are on the human team, you have to defend yourself from the zombies, hidee from them, escape away from them and do whatever it takes to survive this disaster. But if you belong to the zombie team, your mission is to go kill all people. Surviving until the end of the game is a big objective for all people here, and once you make it till the end, a certain amount of bonus will be given to you, plus, you will get more bonus points. Have fun!

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