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Instructions: Shoot with the left mouse, use the left/right arrow keys for doing a barrel roll.

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Skywars.io is a shooter ocean-themed strategy game featuring adorable cartoonish graphics. You must have yourself ready for an epic war in the sky where you come across many opponents worldwide. In the game, you will direct a modern spaceship equipped with weaponry and advanced reactive control mechanisms. You must navigate it through the sky in an attempt to shoot down as many enemies as possible before you end up getting eliminated. Feel free to shoot missiles at them as you attempt to dodge theirs at the same time! Soaking massive damage from your enemy attacks will make you meet your doom for sure. Therefore, it’s very crucial to protect your spaceship during the course of the fight. You should maneuver skillfully in risky situations, finish multiple evasive actions like Barrel Rolls so you can dodge the incoming attacks without too much effort. Do you think you can dominate the whole battlefield? Show off your skills now!

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