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Instructions: Use the mouse or arrow keys to move your crowd around the map.

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Crowded City.io

Crowded City game with free play is an epic challenge for all players who are big fans of Crowd City Mobile App game and Hole.io. With similar gameplay mechanics, you will earn yourself new experiences and can test your skills more. Like always, you take control of a Zombie and move it through the map to kill more enemy zombies controlled by real human players or try to eat more humans walking around the streets. By hunting more people like this, you can easily build the size of your crowd and make it larger through over time. During the adventure, you should stay on guard all the time because there is always a chance for the opponents to steal more people from you, causing your crowd to get smaller again. Crowded City online free game unblocked promises nothing but a lot of fun you will earn through every single challenging phase. Are you ready for it? Enjoy it now!

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