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Cat Ninja

Instructions: Move your cat using keys A/D. Jump with key W, duck with key S, throw weapons with the left mouse, perform the ninja skill with key Shift, and use spacebar + keys WASD to fly.

Cat Ninja about:

Cat Ninja

Get ready to become a Cat Ninja! Let’s say hi to this Ninja game and grab this chance to perform a lot of excellent skills that you have. You can join it anytime for free in your browser and surely you will earn a lot of fun. In the game, you take on the role of a little cat that wants to become a ninja. You will engage in an interesting yet dangerous adventure where you perform a lot of actions, like attacking, jumping, flying and of course, killing enemies. These wicked enemies will stand in your way a lot, so you have to wipe them out before they finish your life. You can throw a lot of shurikens at them, jump over them and make them meet their doom. Through over time, the difficulty of the level will be increased, also, your skills will be upgraded. You should try your hardest to vanquish all in-game levels and turn yourself into the expert Cat Ninja!

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