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Instructions: WASD or arrow keys will be used for the movement. To kick the ball, press the spacebar, hold and release it for a power kick.

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More and more sports-themed IO games are released in the web browser, and Strikers.io is one of them that you will never want to miss. The game takes you into a challenging soccer match where you play against other contenders from across the world. You will play with a top-down view, making the controls much more awesome and funnier. Like other sports games, in Strikers.io, you also have to direct your character around the map to kick the ball into the goal of the enemies to score points. You’d better keep an eye on the movements of the rivals and take advantage of their drawbacks in terms of tactics to outsmart them easily, which helps you score even more goals. Don’t forget to defend your goal and prevent your rivals from scoring. With a lot of goals you have scored, you can totally touch your victory at the end of the match. Good luck to you!

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