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Instructions: Attack enemies using the left mouse, speed up using the right mouse.

MiniGiants.io about:


A mini giant player can kill his enemies? Join MiniGiants.io game right now to check it out and see if you can beat this challenge. MiniGiants.io is a strategy IO game created by the developers of EvoWars and BrutalManina. You become a small giant whose mission is to eliminate all enemies in the arena while increasing the size by gathering multiple items across the map as well as collecting chests. The in-game chests will give you new rewards or even awesome weapons and nice armor. They are all handy items that you should use in the battle. You have to defend yourself from the enemy attacks too as they can easily ambush you anytime, causing you to lose a chance of winning. Watch out for your surroundings and try to be more guarded. The goal of MiniGiants.io is to turn yourself into the strongest giant in the entire arena. Are you ready? Let’s try it now! Good luck to you!

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