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Instructions: Move and turn using WASD. Shoot with the spacebar, choose a weapon using keys 1-4, press key Q to jump, key E for a diagonal jump, keys ZXCV to choose a blueprint, key Shift for auto moving, key R to reset or clear the move, key M to open the map, and key N to open the options menu.

Pixeledo about:


Pixeledo free io is an exclusive battle royale game with the multiplayer element. Get ready for this great game title and see how you will cope with all challenges. Pixeledo features turn-based gameplay mechanics and it pits you against not only wicked monsters but also various human players, making the game much harder to conquer. When you step into the arena, you try to move smartly around the map to gather a variety of various weapons. You have to use them wisely to shoot down all monsters with enemies. Since this is turn-based, you need to use every single turn and make it count. Try your best to maximize your movement as well as dish out the largest amount of damage to other rivals possible. Trust nobody! There is no friend here! You’re facing off against hordes of opponents, and the only way to survive is to kill all of them. Pixeledo free unblocked will be a good game for all of you. Enjoy it!

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