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Instructions: Use WASD or arrow keys to move, click to attack, E or Right mouse to control your power, Space to split, B to build, U to deploy units, F to select formation menu, Y to select unit upgrades, C to change formation, Enter to chat, M to open the minimap, Esc to pause

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Lordz2.io unblocked is a cool MMO tower defense .iO game, including many interesting updates. Visit the new wonderful land with other online players and set up the strongest army to dominate the realm. It is necessary to take over neighbors in Lordz2.io and expand your territory. It is free to build walls if you have enough resources. Remember to test the advanced formation system! By dismantling competitors’ buildings, you will receive a lot of victory points and gold. They are effective to unlock more kingdoms in the Conquest Mode. Play and enjoy now!

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